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Last week, you sent us on Twitter your questions for Carlos Verona. After getting them, the 23-year-old Spaniard selected the top 10 and replied to them.

– In what country do you like to go in vacation? @DanSonday

Usually, I go on a short holiday, as cycling takes almost all of my time, and my favourite place to relax and get my mind off things is the Mediterranean Sea. It doesn't matter if it's Spain, France or Italy, I really like the Mediterranean coast because of the good weather, the calm blue sea and last but not least, because of the great gastronomy.

– What was your best day ever on a bike? @daveno7

The day I met my girlfriend. She too was a cyclist, and we met in a Junior Spanish National Team training camp. It was nearly seven years ago, and it is by far the best "thing" that cycling has brought me.

– Of the climbs outside of Spain, what's your favourite one? @Torsten_111

If we consider Andorra – my current residence place – as being "outside of Spain", I would say La Gallina is where I like to do the climbing training during summer time; also, I like the long but beautiful Port de Cabus, from the top of which you get an amazing view. If we go more to the north, a climb which has impressed me due to its difficulty level, but also because it also has a nice scenery, is Grossglockner, in Austria.

– If you could design your perfect Vuelta stage or climb what would it look like? @motorcycleMTNS

They already designed it. Looking back to La Vuelta 2015, I would pick stage 20, which took place in my homeland with the climbs of Navacerrada, Morcuera and Cotos in the mountains of Madrid; it was hard, but not super hard, which led to attacks and a thrilling stage. For me, the most important thing on that day was the sentimental side of it, as I rode on the roads I grew up as a rider.

– What's the hardest stage you ever did? @escarabajoscc

Good question. I've had many hard days on the bike, but if I have to choose one, I would say the Andorran stage of La Vuelta 2015, with almost 5 000 climbing meters in less than 140 kilometers. I was in the initial breakaway, but in the middle of the race I got a hunger flat because of which I arrived to the line 30 minutes behind the winner. I finished that stage only thanks to a spectator who gave me his omelette sandwich before the last climb. I will forever be grateful to him and his sandwich.

– What's your favourite song while warming up? @muralipiyer

Don't Let Me Down from The Chainsmoken & Daya.

– What do you eat in the morning? @davidepozzi1997

A two-egg omelette, four slices of turkey, two slices of cheese, six slices of bread, some butter and ham, natural orange juice and coffee with milk. In the race days, I also have a plate of pasta.

– What would you have done if not for cycling? @DannyBenn0192

I would have completed my studies at the University of Marketing and Markets Investigation, and I would try to forge a career as marketing advisor for a top cycling company.

– Are you a football enthusiast? If so, Real or Atletico? @jack_the_doctor

I don't really like soccer, but when I was a kid I used to like it, and my team back then was Real Madrid, so I still like it when they win a match.

– What do you like to do besides riding your bike? @JimmyGeerinckx

I like very much to spend time with my girlfriend, Esther, and my family, which lives quite far from me, so I always try to find time for them to get together. Another thing that I enjoy is gastronomy, I really like to try different cuisines and restaurants. On my list are also traveling and other open nature sports, like snorkerling and hiking.


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele

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