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Last week, you sent us on Twitter your questions for Tom Boonen. After receiving them, the seven-time Monument winner and 2005 World Champion selected the 10 best questions and replied to them.

– What has been the one victory you're the most proud of? (@Myoosli)

Paris-Roubaix 2012, because I felt incredible that day, it was like I was unstoppable and could have done everything I wanted to. It's something that will always stick with me.

– How important was Quick-Step Floors in your career? (@stoipa)

I'm here for 15 years and I think it's obvious how much it meant for me to ride for Quick-Step Floors, as you could see that right from the start there was a strong connection between us. It was the right team at the right moment for me, just as I was at the right place here when Johan Museeuw retired in 2004 and could take over his role in the squad.

– Who's the best teammate you've ever had? (@LowieDuyck)

Can't name just one teammate and it wouldn't be fair to do that. They were all important at a certain point, because they helped me reach my goals and get the victories which are defining my career.

– In case you wouldn't have been a pro rider, do you know what would you have done in life? (@JimmyGeerinckx)

Not really. I'm like a leaf on a river, I follow the stream wherever it takes me. I never take big decisions, just see what happens every day.

– At which point in which races will disk brakes make the biggest difference for you? (@HughWilliamson)

Everywhere! In the Classics, on a downhill, going into the last kilometer of a technical final and having better bike control, you name it, disc brakes will make the difference.

– What's your favourite song when warming up for an ITT? (@Torsten_111)

"Fistful of Steel" from Rage against the Machine. Such an awesome song, it always gets me pumped up for the ITT.

– Congrats on your Alpaca Farmer diploma! Have you bought any alpacas yet? (@jack_the_doctor)

No, not yet. I have to wait until I stop, and then I'll buy a few. I just love them, because Alpacas are great, they always protect the herd and aren't afraid of anything, they even attack wolves; I also like them for being always curious and coming to you, they're like a bigger pet.

– If you have the chance to go to the Space Station or win Paris-Roubaix again, what would you choose? (@laurencear)

Not saying it wouldn't be awesome to visit the Space Station, but I think I must keep my feet on the ground here and go for what's more realistic at the moment, and that's another victory in Paris-Roubaix.

– How about starting a new career in motorsport next year? (@MissSamyJu)

I still haven't got any news about it, because right now I'm focused on cycling, but I got a few nice offers in the past months, so we'll just see.

– I've noticed you use two different size rims for front and back. Does this give the bike better handling? (@JohnnyTheAnt)

I prefer 64 and 50, but it may vary depending on the race. In Argentina, for example, I used two 64s on one stage, because when it was a closed track and always straight all day long. In the Worlds I rode 64 in the back and the old 60 in the front. In the end, it's just a personal choice.


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