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Five Unknown Facts: Bob Jungels

Five Unknown Facts: Bob Jungels

Everybody knows how the Quick-Step Floors riders came into the sport or what are their biggest results to date, but not many know what movies and music they enjoy, or where they like to spend their holidays. Here's your chance to find out all this stuff.

Favourite movies: I've watched "Limitless" quite a few times, its concept was a fantastic and very original one. On the list there are also "Skyfall", in my opinion the best James Bond film of the past years, and all Quentin Tarantino movies – especially "Pulp Fiction" – with their dry humour and great stories.

Favourite TV series: "True Detective", the first season, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. It was really amazing, had a brilliant plot and a stellar cast; such a pity they didn't continue with the same actors, as the show kept you wanting more.

Other sports I follow: I was playing tennis before coming into cycling and I'm still watching it, especially when Roger Federer is playing. I also like Formula 1 and Moto GP, the latter because of Valentino Rossi, who is a symbol of this sport, on which he left such a huge mark.

Funniest memory from a race: I was six or seven years old and I was doing one of my first races. I had a small bike at that time and the race was through a forest. Because the wheels were really small, they got stucked in a hole and I fell over my bike. Even now, when we remember this at home, we're still laughing about it.

If not for cycling: I've asked myself this question a few times, but I don't really now. One option would have been to follow in the footsteps of my father and become the manager of a company, but I don't think that would have worked. I was made for doing sport.


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele

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