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“Tom says thanks!” at the Zilvermeer

“Tom says thanks!” at the Zilvermeer

Together with 20 000 fans, Tom Boonen will say goodbye to his active cycling career Saturday 29th of April.

The Provinciaal Recreatiedomein Zilvermeer in his hometown Mol is the perfect backdrop for the great cycling party "Tom says thanks". For the first race, Tom will invite ex-riders with whom he raced during his professional career. The participants for the second race are national and international cycling stars from the current peloton.

Tom Boonen quitting his career as professional rider without a big party? Unthinkable according to the organizers of this unique cycling event. The Zilvermeer in Mol has all the space and facilities necessary to welcome maximum 20 000 visitors at a 2km-long track.

Tom has an emotional connection with the Zilvermeer. For Tom and many other young people from the area the pearly white beach and the refreshing swimming water are equal to enjoying a serene and lovely summer.

National and international cycling stars

The last attacks, the final sprint, the last time Tom takes the lead… A cycling show that can’t be missed by cycling fans. Goosebumps guaranteed! For the race with former professionals there is a long wish list with big cycling names from recent cycling history. For the race with the cycling stars of the present we expect a unique crop of national and international top riders. They will get this great chance of competing against Tom Boonen for the last time.


For safety reasons this cycling party can be attended only by people with a valid ticket. Tickets cost 15 euro for adults and 7,50 euro for children (under the age of 12). You can buy the tickets only online. The start date for the ticket sale will be announced later.

How do you get to the Zilvermeer?

You can travel – to stay completely in line with the event – by bike. There is plenty of space for the bikes. Zilvermeer is a junction of beautiful cycling paths along canals and lakes.

The first 1,500 group purchases of 4 tickets, enough for one filled car, will be rewarded with free entrance to the parking at the Zilvermeer.

Other visitors have to follow the signs and park their car at a parking space of a large windmill park in Lommel. Buses guarantee a smooth transport to and from the Zilvermeer.

Those who are coming with their own bus of cycling supporters has to contact the organizers after the start of the ticket sale for to set up all the details. There will be a special parking for these buses.

Schedule and hours

At 12h00 presentation of ex pros

At 12h45 start of the race for ex pros (25 km)

At 13h30 race for G-sport cyclists

At 14h00 we will present the participants of the pro race, together with a youth team

At 15h00 Tom Boonen will start his final kilometers as pro cyclist

The ceremony protocol will be at 16h45

The cycling event will end at 18h30


Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team, vzw Zuidkempense Pijl, vzw Pro-Cycling, Provinciaal Recreatiedomein Zilvermeerand and the municipality will join hands for this event. The proceeds of the event will go to the G-Sportfonds and vzw Bijs.

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